Wednesday, February 10, 2010


OK, I want to make macaroni and cheese (i.e. Kraft Dinner), what do I need?
Noodles - yes
Cheese - yes
Milk - yes
Stove - yes
And ... oh yes, a pot with water.
This is a recipe that guarantees results because millions of people have made it.

Monroe's Motivated Sequence (MMS) is a guaranteed result because millions of people use it (you can identify it in almost every commercial), and we can use it in our Stampin' Up! business, with workshop bookings, hostess training, and recruiting new demos.

The five points in MMS
1. Get the person's attention
2. Identify/develop a need or problem
3. Satisfaction - the product will solve the need.
4.Visualization - (the most important point) picture overcoming the problem and the benefits from it.
5. Call to Action - Ask

How does this fit with SU?
1. Attention - Show what we can create with paper - easy to do in a workshop or class, outside of these we can send cards, use accessories to open a conversation (rag purse, fabric flowers, logo wear, car decals, volunteer card making services, distribute catalogues)
2. Need. There is a set of needs that we will always have that are identified by the Relational Dialectics Theory:
- Need a connection to others
- Need novelty for interest
- Need to share
Stampin' Up! workshops and classes fufil all these needs.
3. Satisfaction - Stampers and Scrappers have fun when they get together, they try new things, and share what they have made
4. Visualization - Tell them how your classes work so they can imagine themselves there. Show them samples so they can imagine themselves making them.
5. Invite them to a class or other event.

With Hostess Coaching:
1. Attention - Tell her about the exclusive products and free merchandise that only hostesses can obtain.
2. Need - To feel comfortable about hosting the workshop, to find enough people to attend, to earn what she wants.
3. Satisfaction - Help her to relax - "I'll help you find people", "Don't worry about your house, I'll make sure we'll have lots of fun."
4. Visualization - A successful workshop. We can help hostesses have a succesful workshop without a hard sell. Say something like "In the past I've had hostesses tell guests - you don't have to buy anything - but that doesn't result in a good workshop for you. You don't have to talk about buying things, just tell them it will be fun - I'll make sure everyone has a great time and are glad they came."
5. Invite/Ask - Invite the hostess to get excited about the workshop, and the products, and get her involved. "Show your friends some of the things you've made (if she has), tell them how much you enjoyed the workshop you attended."

1. Attention - Listen for those who say "I wish I had some exta money to get all the stuff I want". Consider your good customers - although you will lose them as a customer, you can still retain them in your classes etc. Plus someone else might ask them to sign up first, and that would be a bigger loss.
2. Needs - Money, product, connection with others, achievement.
3. Satisfaction - "I'll help you learn how to make money and run your business. We'll get together to learn new techniques and share ideas."
4. Visualization - "You'll be able to create your own stamping room." "You'll be able to help your daughter create her own wedding invitations and table favours".
5. Ask/Invite - "Now is a good time to sign up because it's: Sale-A-Bration, just before Christmas, easier to travel to workshops because it's spring/summer." etc.

Be proud that you have your own business, be proud that you have ideas and methods to make it successful.

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