Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Photos of Momento Mall

Well - I had heard so much about "Momento Mall" before I went that I thought I might have to rob a bank before I came home (so I could afford to come home!) But it wasn't too bad. At least the banks were safe!

Of course there was a line-up the first day... The lady under the sign was coming out and we were all oohing and ahing over her Sweet Pea bags.

Outside the window....

Inside at last! It doesn't look busy inside because I was lucky to be pretty close to the front of the line and most everybody was behind me!

People were filling their baskets...

I didn't really go for the towels and flip flops,
but the little buckets of red things are another story - I'll tell you below.
If you look closely at the Leis around the maniquens neck you will see
they are made from Designer Series paper, punched with the 5 Star punch
and curled. They are alternated on the cord so that the curls give them more bulk.
The black and white bag is the Leadership Bag that everyone got, and I forgot to show you two!!

Great Advertising!

But I knew Brian would never go for it (plus we have a wiper on our back window)
So I got the small one for the side window. Don't you love the rub-ons!
Don't know if they would work on our salted winter highways!

I thought I took more photos but I guess I concentrated on shopping instead!
I did get one of those black sweaters in the window (forgot to show you that too!) The flowers
are made with our wide striped ribbon.
This is a close-up of the card tree in the window so that I would remember
the cards:

And about those little red things lanquishing in their buckets...
they were spritzers of hand sanitizers with 'Stampin' Up! on them, priced at $2.49 each.
Now we all thought - Blah, got that stuff already to travel here with - don't need any more....
Then the last day of the conference there was a demonstration on stage about using
the shimmer paint in alcohol to spritz on cards to give them shine... and oh, by the way,
that's 70% alcohol in the hand sanitizers in Momento Mall...
Well I went downstairs to get some right after the demo was over, BUT the smart people didn't wait!
They were coming upstairs with bags of 20 and 50 vials of them, and when I got there
they were ALL GONE.
Until then they could hardly give them away.
Oh well, I was only going to get one for each of us....sorry....

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  1. Don't worry carol! I'm rapt with my Bag!! The birdies are so cute :)